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  • I'm LaShaunta Waller the founder of a Garden of Hope Scholarship.  I'm a Wife, and mother of two; Asia & James . I'm an Author of various children's books; co-owner of Wall2Wall Designs. I'm also a Vet of the US Air Force. I created this garden in hopes that I could help many people bloom and develop into something Nutritional to society regardless of their economic status or race.Our Garden of Hope (Helping Other People to Excel) promotes furthering education and I   encouraged this viewpoint and contended that children required special preparation for adulthood, as well as opportunities for recreation.  Adolescence is the pivotal period between childhood and adulthood. It is the time when youth need to acquire the attitudes, competencies, values, and social skills that will carry them forward to successful adulthood. It is also the time when they need to avoid choices and behaviors that will limit their future potential. Here in our Garden we play a crucial role in helping young people navigate this phase. 

Requirements to participate


Must have at least a 2.5 GPA

Must be willing to commit to our program and workshops as well as community service and commit to excellence in all you do . Must be willing to represent yourself and the organization in your best light.

Our Balls


We travel City to City to offer our program. If you or your organization would like our team to come visit your city, be sure to click the contact us with who you are and contact number for us to reach you. We would love to see our garden grow in your area. 

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Who are we ?

Garden of Hope Scholarship is a nonprofit organization that offers a leadership development program utilizing key components for preparation, success , intervention , exploration and awareness for girls grades 8-12 . We provide a safe place for teen girls to learn strategies to become confident leaders and contributing members of society.  GOH has grown tremendously in the number of girls we service. Our life enhancing community service  projects , mentoring and leadership workshops sessions. We envision a world in which all girls and young women regardless of race , ethnicity, income levels or social status are nurtured and empowerEd to reach their fullest potential.

Coming event

We are currently accepting applications for Youngstown , Ohio and Mason , Mi 

Must be in grades 8-12 with a minimum of 2.5 GPA. 

Our ball for the Youngstown area will be January 4, 2020

and for Mason Mi January 11, 2020

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Community Service


Discover the world and make a difference with Community Service.



We offer a variety of workshops from Financial literacy to Ettiquette and Employment Skills , How to obtain scholarships and so much more.



We Celebrate our progression in a form of a ball where our recepient will receive a 4k scholarship.



We explore with texture and art and we provide exposure to various platforms of life. Allowing our girls to create the future they feel the most comfortable within.

Our Mentors


As we travel city to city, we are always seeking mentors. Do you have time to donate to a young girl, we would love to have you on our team.

Our Speakers


Based on the needs of our girls , we are always seeking speakers to share their journey with us, in hopes to inspire and motivate one of our girls.

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Our May 4, 2019 Cinderella Kaylin Nguyen

Hello, my name is Kaylin Nguyen. My parents are Mike Nguyen and Holly Le. I have 2 brothers and I attend Everett High School. My escort for this evening will be Curtis Couthen. My favorite color is light blue and My favorite book is Jane Eyreby Charlotte Bronte.  My biggest role model are my parents and they’re my role model because they came to America with nothing and had to put things aside because they had me. My parents work so much to make sure my siblings and I have everything we need and so thatwe can get the best education there is so that we cana good job in the future. I just want to be able to make my parents proud so in the end I’ll be able to take care of them so that they don’t have to work anymore.  My future aspirations are to love life no matter what obstacle I encounter. Times maybe be hard for all of us but it could always be worst. I want to be able to make a good impact on others’ lives and be as helpful as I can. I also want to beopen minded of the possibilist out there and learn something new every day.   My current goals are to learn how to take things easier and not be too hard on myself. This a goal of mine that I have been working on a long time and it’s getting better but I always find myself worrying about something and tend to overthink.Everything is a process and I just need to trust myself. Learning to love myself and feel comfortable in my own skin.   What I’ve gained the most from this program are a group of amazing people. They’re very supportive and motivate me to be the best person I can be. We had classes about personal finance, information on college, careers, they thought us life lessonsand skills such as how you enter a room and make yourself member ale. They exemplified what good role models looks like and too give back to our community. No words can explain how much gratitude I have towards every individual. Their encouragement meant somuch to me and I knew I couldn’t give up, but only to push myself harder because there was no other option. I’ve never been more inspired in my life to do better. They’ve made a tremendous impact on me.   What I will carry with me after this program is really to have confidence in myself because it goes a long way. I have to advocate for myself and do more for myself then someone is willing to go for me.


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Mentor & Scholarship Application

If you are interested in being a member of our Team, we would love to have you be apart of our team.

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